National Parks in USA

Map of USA National Parks

The USA is a really big place. It contains many National Parks in its area. The unpredictable spaces are vast which contain touching United States, as well as Alaska and the distant islands of Hawaii. One can experience every climate and ecosystem it can imagine. The temperate rain forests and pine-clad mountains, deserts and scrub lands are available. Naturally, there are a lot of national parks in the USA which are dedicated to preserving the best nature.

Other worldly sandstone monuments, multi colored hot springs, craggy coastlines, scorching deserts – it’s all here. So there is a list of best national parks in the USA.

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park Entrance
Big Bend National Park Entrance

The aptly named Big Bend National Park in Texas is so-called because it’s set in a dramatic meander of the Rio Grande. Texas, USA is on one side of river, and on the other side is Mexico. Also its almost the same size as Rhode Island, Big Bend is known for its diversity and has loads to discover on its many trails. The Chisos Basin is the most popular area of the park and features mountain views, but the Chihuahuan Desert – home to real-life roadrunners and coyotes – is really the place to escape into nature.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park Entrance
Saguaro National Park Entrance

This park is home to the classic southwest American cactus. Also their iconic shapes of the park’s namesake stand tall in this deserted area in Arizona. That is why, It is divided into East and West portions, the two halves of the park are separated by the city of Tucson. Also both portions of the national park offer an abundance of trails amid its desert landscapes. Also the Rincon Mountain District is the larger,eastern portion of the park and serves up adventurous horseback rides and camping opportunities. In the west, the Tucson Mountain District is spectacular and is well worth the effort.


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